A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Well, hot dog, we have a weiner!

Pug, run, and jump your way across explosive terrain, avoid hurtling bombs, and keep on riding to unlock more and more pug costumes.

Pug dressed like a spaceman riding a sausage? Who wouldn't want to play that sort of endless runner!

Ketch-up lads! No time to waste. Get pugging.

Install instructions

Windows You can download the build via Win_PugRiders.zip. We have also included a handy installer/uninstaller (Win_PugRiders_Setup.exe) for windows. Sometimes this pops up a warning, so just click ok.

Mac Just unzip and drag the file to your applications folder.


Win_PugRiders.zip 21 MB
Win_PugRiders_Setup.exe 16 MB
OSX32_PugRiders.zip 23 MB


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Glad to see this on Itch.io! Had a blast with it earlier this month, just showing my support here too!

fantastic game, nonstop hours of fun

my favorite part has to be the artwork

download it and you'll never regret it

here's a little gameplay of it: